The OmniWorld Series

(Sci-fi Cyberthriller)

Seven Different Universes. A Million Chances To Die. One Way Out.

“Think The DaVinci Code set in a surreal and terrifying virtual world…”
—Bestselling author Ken Bennett

In the near future the ultimate gaming experience happens while you sleep.

OmniWorld is a shared dream state, fully immersive, and indistinguishable from reality… with multiple universes ranging from a wonderous medieval world to a futuristic spacefaring universe to a brutal land that recalls the Old West… In OmniWorld, your wildest dreams become reality.


Ready Player One meets Westworld in a fast-paced cyberthriller featuring a unique fantasy game world

How far would you go to live the life of your dreams?

Three years out of college, Justin Boone finds himself plodding through a boring existence, with a dead-end Guaranteed Employment job, no real friends, and a life so dull he doesn’t even bother lying about it on social media.

However, all that changes when, against all odds, Justin is chosen to beta test OmniWorld, a shared dream state that resembles an online role-playing game. Along with several thousand other players he voluntarily enters a coma-like sleep and wakes up in Greystrand, a medieval fantasy world that’s like a D&D game come to life.

But almost from the start, the game starts behaving oddly for Justin. Quests rewrite themselves and change as he tries to complete them. NPCs ignore their scripts and seem to take an unusual interest in him. And soon it becomes evident that Justin’s not playing the game; the game is playing him.

Now he must face fearsome monsters, deadly assassins, a diabolical lich, and other players bent on his destruction—as well as a sentient AI game controller who has plans of its own and doesn’t seem to understand the concept of ‘free will’—all while trying to unravel the puzzle within a puzzle that is OmniWorld.


The pulse-pounding sequel to the controversial #1 Amazon bestselling cyberthriller THE IRON VEIL.

What if it’s not really a game?

Justin Boone barely survived the beta of OmniWorld, an immersive virtual reality game with ties to a secret government project. But when he returns to the real world, Justin quickly finds himself in league with a shadowy resistance group who sends him back into OmniWorld to rescue a woman he’s never even met.

Soon he’s fighting for his life in a brutal Weird West—facing savage zombies, Hollow Riders, and a nightmarish necromancer intent on summoning an ancient malevolent entity that could destroy the world.

As Justin battles across the bleak Western landscape, he realizes that there’s a lot more at stake than just his life. If he can survive, he may discover the true nature of OmniWorld. But if he fails, his reality will unravel and his dreams will become nightmares…permanently.


This deluxe box set includes two full novels: THE IRON VEIL and its sequel THE EIGHT OF NIGHTS, plus the short story THE GLITCH, an Extended Epilogue, maps, and author’s notes.


(An OmniWorld Short Story)

SPOILER ALERT: Please read The Iron Veil (OmniWorld 1) first to avoid spoilers.

In the near future, a government sleep lab has made a radical discovery: the ability to create a shared dream state that resembles an online role-playing game. The OmniWorld is indistinguishable from reality and promises adventure, romance, magic, wonder, suspense, and thrills. It truly is the world of your dreams.

Phil Gardner never thought he’d live long enough to see such a technological breakthrough. And he certainly didn’t think he’d be one of just 5,000 people selected to beta test OmniWorld. But now he finds himself in Greystrand, OmniWorld’s medieval playground, packed with legendary monsters, murderous assassins, and mysterious characters.

The only problem is that someone wants to end his beta test early. The hard way.

As a newbie battle mage, Phil has to use his wits to survive. But it looks like his opponents aren’t playing by the rules…