Shadow of the Lizard

The first book in the Land of Enchantment series

For fans of X-FILES, FRINGE, and JURASSIC PARK comes the LAND OF ENCHANTMENT—a thrilling new series from award-winning filmmaker and author Randy Nargi which combines action, adventure, unexplained phenomena, and cutting-edge science.


When an ex-Los Alamos scientist uncovers a “black” military project (involving genetically-modified komodo dragons) which threatens a major metropolitan area, she must infiltrate a secret underground lab to extract the evidence she needs to shut the project down.


“This is a great, fast read—the first installment in what promises to be a very cool thriller/sci-fi series. Nargi’s characters are well drawn and the setting—a desert mountain wilderness near Albuquerque New Mexico—forms the perfect backdrop as tension builds and mayhem ensues. What’s lurking in the crags and recesses of the Sandia Peak Wilderness? The military’s involved but the investigation is hush hush. Secretive. The mystery deepens with each succeeding page and I want to know more. Can’t wait for the next installments. — Ken Bennett, author of THE GAIA WARS series

“An intriguing tale of mystery and monsters in the Land of Enchantment… I’m hooked already!” — Benjamin Radford, author of SCIENTIFIC PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION and TRACKING THE CHUPACABRA