Jane Backer: Dental Billing Assistant

Short film spoof of the TV show “24”


JANE BACKER: DENTAL BILLING COORDINATOR is a short spoof of the TV show “24” created for the 2010 48 Hour Film Project/Albuquerque. The film was conceived, written, shot, and edited in just 48 hours. JANE BACKER won two awards for the 48 Hour Film Project: Best Editing and Best Sound Design.




  • Jessi Badami is Jane Backer
  • William Sterchi is Dr. Kaplinsky
  • Fran Martone is Dental Practice Administrator Kate Redding
  • Nicole Casanova is rogue hygienist Nina Frost
  • Nathaniel Augustson is Data Entry Assistant Joey Sullivan
  • Tom Conklin is Jane’s reluctant accomplice, the helpful gardener, Jay Michaels
  • M. Robert Becker is patient Braydon
  • Kenneth McGlothin is the Nigerian Ambassador
  • Latanya Bell as the receptionist


  • Produced & Directed by Jessi Badami
  • Written, Filmed, & Edited by Randy Nargi
  • 1st Ad: Robert M. Johnston
  • Location Sound: Chris Hatcher
  • Assistant Producer: Steven Martinez
  • Script Supervisor: Beth Hansen
  • Camera Assistant: Jason Utash
  • Hair: Mindee Nye-Baca
  • Makeup: Gretchen Bright
  • Opening/Closing Theme Music: Chris Hatcher, BOSCHLABS
  • Sound Design: Randy Nargi
  • Casting: Jessi Badami