G-Sale (the Novel)

The first book in the Bogwood Chronicles series

Based on the award-winning indie comedy film G-SALE. 


Bogwood, Washington is a pleasant suburban community with a special distinction–it has more garages per capita than any other town in America. Not surprisingly, Bogwood is also the “Garage Sale Capital of the U.S.A.”

When retirees Doris & Clayton Fenwick decide to empty their nest of retro-modern antiques, they set the wheels in motion for a frantically funny “g-sale” involving Bogwood’s most avid garage sale junkies: Angela Cocci (an obsessive market researcher), Ed LaSalle (a beleaguered computer programmer and creator of the cult fantasy roleplaying game “Caves & Beasts”), Dick Nickerson (a retired star of the 60s sitcom Pot o’ Gold), and BJ Harwood & Helen Ziegler (partners and owners of a trendy retro-modern antique store).


“G-Sale is immensely funny! It reminds me of my Estate-Saling days. You’d find a great Estate Sale (or G-Sale) listed in the paper (now Craig’s List). Everyone lines up for a couple of hours *waaaay* earlier than you would ever normally get up; 7:00 am rolls around and then the big surge through the door, hoping they won’t cut off the line right before you get inside; and finally the mad rush for any “Mid-Century” item that looks halfway decent that you can get your hands on! The character studies are spot-on perfect. Check this book out — you’ll enjoy the humor!!”

“This book is a tongue-in-cheek look at the folks who share a love of garage sales, and live for the hunt for that special, priceless treasure. The story hinges on a senior couple living in a neighborhood known for their sales, who decide it is time to downsize for that retirement condo. This sale impacts the lives of a group of strangers, whom the author introduces you to one chapter at a time, as they all plan their lives around the discovery of that one great find. I admit that the initial jump from one view to another took me a bit to get used to, but the excellent, though exaggerated character portrayals and skillful way the author gradually pulls all the disparate threads together make for an light, entertaining read.”