Hytwen and Ortwen: two remote villages on the southern edge of the Empire of Harion. Separated by a misty lake. And a deadly family secret.

When ex-Imperial Investigator Bander arrives in the village of Hytwen, ragged and half dead after a savage attack on the road, all he wants is the aid of a healer and a new pair of boots. But he’s soon pressed into service by the wealthy lord of Hytwen to find a twelve-year-old girl who’s been abducted from the manor. Everyone suspects the neighboring village, and with the drums of war beating, time is running out.

As Bander digs deeper, he confronts a brutal gang of trained killers, a mysterious barmaid, and a sinister mage plotting destruction from the shadows. Soon it becomes clear that things aren’t what they seem, and the hunt for the missing girl is just part of a diabolical mosaic of murder and chaos that threatens to destroy scores of innocent people.

But not if Bander can help it.

Dark forces seek to topple the Mage Guild and the Empire itself. But one man emerges from the shadows to battle them.

When retired Imperial Investigator Bander reaches into a hollow log to retrieve his cache of gold, he finds it missing and something else left in its place: a scrying stone with a message from a mysterious young sorceress. She desperately needs his help in solving the murder of Tobin Leroth, a renowned mage and one of Bander’s oldest friends.

Tobin Leroth was murdered during a city festival and only the secretive Mage Guild knows why.

But as Bander gets drawn deeper into a deadly mystery that involves the highest powers in the realm, he finds himself battling the same dark forces he suspects killed his friend. But this time they are hunting him…

With the Empire of Harion under siege and gripped by terror, a company of unlikely heroes rises…

An unspeakable act of terror has shaken the Empire of Harion to its core, and no one is safe from the mysterious foe wielding power enough to destroy an entire city.

Retired Imperial investigator Bander must overcome defeat to stand up to these dark forces. But this time he’s not alone.

A ragtag fellowship of old friends, criminals, and renegades has joined Bander to battle the shadowy enemies intent on destroying the Empire of Harion and its Mage Guild.

But will they be too late?

A host of battle mages gird themselves for one last attack: against Bander and his company.

As Bander and his team gain the upper hand and track down the perpetrators of the devastating attacks on Harion’s cities, it appears the tide has turned. Or has it?

With the Empire on the brink of rebellion, the Guild effectively dissolved, and its mages imprisoned, a new threat rises, and Bander’s fellowship is tested one final time.

A wizard out of time.

A decade out of his old job, former Imperial investigator Bander now wanders the countryside of Harion with nothing more than the clothes on his back and a grim smile on his weathered face. He’s not a man who looks for trouble, but he’s no stranger to it. No stranger at all.

After Bander rescues a traveling merchant from bandits, he is rewarded with a battered silver amulet in the shape of a crescent moon. Bander soon discovers that the amulet clearly possesses unique powers—powers which would allow someone to unlock the powerful magic of the Temple of Fate and travel back in time…

The someone Bander has in mind is his friend Valthar, an eccentric, feeble mage who claims he is from the distant past and has been trying to return home for decades. He needs Bander’s help. And he’s running out of time.

Now Bander and Valthar must undertake a harrowing journey through the perilous jungle of the Tengan Wilderlands to find the legendary temple. But they are not the only ones seeking mastery over time itself. Powerful forces have been tracking Bander’s every move, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

These foes may discover that once Bander makes a promise to a friend, he’s not easily dissuaded. And those who stand in his way are just sealing their fates…

While wandering in the rugged far northeast corner of the Empire, Bander encounters intrigue and murder in a remote mining village.

When an ex-Los Alamos scientist uncovers a “black” military project (involving genetically-modified komodo dragons) which threatens a major metropolitan area, she must infiltrate a secret underground lab to extract the evidence she needs to shut the project down.

How far would you go to live the life of your dreams?

Three years out of college, Justin Boone finds himself plodding through a boring existence, with a dead-end Guaranteed Employment job, no real friends, and a life so dull he doesn’t even bother lying about it on social media.

However, all that changes when, against all odds, Justin is chosen to beta test OmniWorld, a shared dream state that resembles an online role-playing game. Along with several thousand other players he voluntarily enters a coma-like sleep and wakes up in Greystrand, a medieval fantasy world that’s like a D&D game come to life.

But almost from the start, the game starts behaving oddly for Justin. Quests rewrite themselves and change as he tries to complete them. NPCs ignore their scripts and seem to take an unusual interest in him. And soon it becomes evident that Justin’s not playing the game; the game is playing him.

Now he must face fearsome monsters, deadly assassins, a diabolical lich, and other players bent on his destruction—as well as a sentient AI game controller who has plans of its own and doesn’t seem to understand the concept of ‘free will’—all while trying to unravel the puzzle within a puzzle that is OmniWorld.

What if it’s not really a game?

Justin Boone barely survived the beta of OmniWorld, an immersive virtual reality game with ties to a secret government project. But when he returns to the real world, Justin quickly finds himself in league with a shadowy resistance group who sends him back into OmniWorld to rescue a woman he’s never even met.

Soon he’s fighting for his life in a brutal Weird West—facing savage zombies, Hollow Riders, and a nightmarish necromancer intent on summoning an ancient malevolent entity that could destroy the world.

As Justin battles across the bleak Western landscape, he realizes that there’s a lot more at stake than just his life. If he can survive, he may discover the true nature of OmniWorld. But if he fails, his reality will unravel and his dreams will become nightmares…permanently.

Bogwood, Washington is a pleasant suburban community with a special distinction–it has more garages per capita than any other town in America. Not surprisingly, Bogwood is also the “Garage Sale Capital of the U.S.A.”

When retirees Doris & Clayton Fenwick decide to empty their nest of retro-modern antiques, they set the wheels in motion for a frantically funny “g-sale” involving Bogwood’s most avid garage sale junkies: Angela Cocci (an obsessive market researcher), Ed LaSalle (a beleaguered computer programmer and creator of the cult fantasy roleplaying game “Caves & Beasts”), Dick Nickerson (a retired star of the 60s sitcom Pot o’ Gold), and BJ Harwood & Helen Ziegler (partners and owners of a trendy retro-modern antique store).