The Fellowship of Bander (Complete Trilogy)

Includes the full trilogy: A Conspiracy of Shadows, In Terror’s Thrall, and Revenge of the Battle Mage


Dark forces seek to topple the Mage Guild and the Empire itself. But one man emerges from the shadows to battle them.

When retired Imperial Investigator Bander reaches into a hollow to retrieve his cache of gold, he finds it missing and something else in its place: a scrying stone with a message from a mysterious young sorceress. She desperately needs his help in solving the murder of Tobin Leroth, a renowned mage and one of Bander’s oldest friends.

The motive behind Leroth’s murder are known only to the secretive Mage Guild, but as Bander gets drawn deeper into a deadly mystery that involves the highest powers in the realm, he finds himself battling the same dark forces he suspects killed his friend. Only this time, they’re hunting him…